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Tenuta La Castelluccia
Via del Casale della Castelluccia 39
00123 Roma - P.I. 08510711008

Tel. +39.06.303.653.98

❝ ... more than 3,000,000 square meters of cultivated land ... ❞

With more than 3.000.000 square metres of cultivated surface the Castelluccia Estate turns out to be today one of the most extended private green areas inside the City of Rome perimeter. The Castelluccia contribution is made of lack of impermeable surface increase, torrents protection, biodiversities and rural landscape safeguard and promotion, always led by a landscape and sustainable development focus. Our efforts are also finalized to guarantee food traceability and supplying security, such as to decentralize settled employment.

Moreover, beginning from July 30th 2011, on the inner lands of the Estate, the second-for -installed-power Roman biggest photovoltaic fixed-to-ground plant has been connected to the grid, hidden behind a covered-by-plants shielding. It is expected to produce 2.800.000 kWh/year of solar renewable electric power. This means that starting July 30th 2011, approximately 2.000 Roman families are now consuming solar power, produced on Castelluccia Estate lands, for an amount of 1.288.000 CO2 kgs pollution saving every year.