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Tenuta La Castelluccia
Via del Casale della Castelluccia 39
00123 Roma - P.I. 08510711008

Tel. +39.06.303.653.98

❝ ... architecture is no longer considered to be minor, but rather advanced ... ❞

Built at the end of Twenties, as a result of the necessary land transformations, ratified by Regal Decree 52 issued on January 23rd 1921, which instituted the constitution of the so-called Centers of Colonization, the complex of the agricultural constructions of the Castelluccia Estate has been always called Il Centro and in this way it is still indicated on maps and recent cartographies.

It is constituted from a series of country houses, symmetrically placed around a paved court of 15.000 square metres, all of them made up of fine constructive characters, typical of the Pre War Roman School. However some architectural skills allow you not to consider Il Centro such as one of the many tipical complex of the Fascist Roman Sour Reclamation, but like a pointmark of a no more minor architecture indeed, rather in the vanguard of technique, with not only to agriculture peculiar details and solutions.

This is noticeable in big tuff irregular flakes walls, handcrafted bricks, handpainted brick roofs lower surfaces, wooden carved gates and doors with Fascist culture examples and also some constructive sagacities such as first examples of iron brick beams in floor structures. Built for an agricultural use although, during the Second World war, some country houses were reconverted to the production of war material such as bombs and helicopters. Successively brought back to their agricultural function, Il Centro still keeps an optimal state of conservation, without any markable modifications and additions.