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Tenuta La Castelluccia
Via del Casale della Castelluccia 39
00123 Roma - P.I. 08510711008

Tel. +39.06.303.653.98

❝ ... women and men who worked ... ❞

In the beginning of XV century the Del Bufalo Cancellieri family, built the Burnus Novus, a small country house that for its reduced dimensions compared with traditional castles, it takes the name of Castelluccia. The Reign of Italy unification and the consequent nominee of Rome as the capital, in 1870, it was a trigger for the Roman Sour development and transformation. The reclamation of the sour was declared of public usefullness, and the government favoured spontaneous division of large landed estates, thus creating the so-called Centers of Colonization. Because of this, the Castelluccia Estate owner in 1920, he decided to build a greater agricultural complex, renamed exactly Il Centro.

In the second half of Thirties, the Castelluccia Estate got into the property of the Earl Manzolini, who was also the owner of the Campoleone Estate (located in the south of Rome) and of Roman Mechanical Constructions Society SRCM. The SRCM company was an official supplier of the Italian Army, therefore during Second World War, some buildings in the Il Centro were converted to the production of bombs and helicopters.

From Seventies, the Castelluccia Estate is still a property of Di Muzio family.

The Castelluccia Estate proudly cunfirms its social-cultural polarity role in Rome, as it has been since 1930, thanks to women and men that worked, lived and grew up in the Estate, a sincere popular culture magnet and various life experiences witness.

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