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Tenuta La Castelluccia
Via del Casale della Castelluccia 39
00123 Roma - P.I. 08510711008

Tel. +39.06.303.653.98

❝ ... unspoiled meadows rich in history ... ❞

The Castelluccia area is a typical landscape of the Roman campaign, with hill reliefs emerging from surrounding sweep, spaced out from valleys, torrents and groves. Soils are geologically originated from volcanic type (pyroclastic, marl and argillite ones). Since its origins the Estate had been characterized by extensive agricultural cultivations and landscape-focused gardening and horticultural aereas at the same time. The prevailing land cultivation trend has always regarded the cereal and forage-oriented extensive farming; surely the very important Estate breedings (cows in the past and sheeps nowadays) contributed to this choice.

The Castelluccia Estate today can be considered as a traditional agricultural landscape strongholder, choosing preservative agricultural methods, respecting its identity and history. Therefore it favoured wheat cultivations, in the city of Rome that was Italy's granary in the past. At the same time, in observance of Communitarian Agricultural Policies (CAP) guidelines, it is going on with a small part of ground seeding diversification.

To all this, Castelluccia Estate is proud to join landscape choices, along its historical and traditional track, in an enviromental focus-oriented system of operations, for the maintenance of wooden groves and wildlife-habitat spots, gardens implementation and its ancient olive tree groves preservation, from where its magnificent crushing-to-cold extravirgin olive oil is rising every year. And it is quite on this uncontaminated but rich in history grass, that our sheeps are pasturing everyday, guaranteeing a first quality milk to us that we use also to give you our fantastic cheeses.