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Tenuta La Castelluccia
Via del Casale della Castelluccia 39
00123 Roma - P.I. 08510711008

Tel. +39.06.303.653.98

❝ ... ensure the quality and authenticity of the products of our lands ... ❞

All the experience and devotion that various generations of farmers dedicated to our land and cattle, it is now in our effort to guarantee quality, authenticity and traceability of Castelluccia Estate food and cattle. Thanks to our handmade processing and compliance with severe hygienic protocols, we are able to bring to your dining table healthy and natural foods, coming from our farms and lands directly to you.

MEATS: the best ovine meat, the true Abbacchio Romano, the tender and delicate-tasting Roman lamb, coming from Castelluccia Estate sheeps breeding. If you love bovine meat, you'll have to try our selected cuts coming from our Estate in Viterbo. Richer in flavour, you can choose the steak you prefer: T-bone, sirloin, fillet mignon, strips, boneless slices and much more. The maximum as to quality, healthiness and traceability.
OLIVE OIL: This valuable extra-virgin oil derives from crushing, rigidly to cold, of the olives that have been still hand-collected in the ancient olive tree groves of the Castelluccia Estate. The exceptional organoleptic qualities are the basis for its extraordinary flavour.

SHEEP'S MILK CACIOTTA CHEESE: made of ovine milk, softly and delicately tasting, available in classic or aromatized flavours
ROMAN RICOTTA: a typical Roman dairy product, an ancient Roman style recipe. It is a creamy and fresh soft cheese, coming directly to your table without maturing. You can find made with only sheep's milk, cow's milk or mixed.
PECORINO: Another masterpiece in the Roman dairy tradition. A medium maturing sheep's milk cheese, a strong flavour for your palate.
MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA: an exclusively buffalo's milk cheese, a stringy paste product made according to the best Campania's tradition, carefully selected for You.
PARMIGIANO REGGIANO: The Best seasoned parmesan cheese, 24 or 30 months maturing, uniquely coming from farm and cheese factory located in Parma. It is perfect to eat plain, grated upon your pasta dishes, or served with balsamic vinegar or our confitures.